Behind The Scenes Advice

We have experienced years of lessons learned and the most frustrating pet peeves to help shape the type of planners we are now! You only need to deal with a venue running out of water and the toilets not flushing only ONE time until you always ask if they have enough water for the caterer to wash dishes. I have also realized that what may be bothersome for us, most clients don’t even realize are going on behind the scenes. So…I want to share some of our most crazy pet peeves that STILL go on to this day. And when you see us just smile with big eyes, you will now be in on the joke!

Pet Peeve #1- Bathroom breaks
Do you know the number 1 question we get from guests before the wedding ceremony? And I am not talking about a couple people. I am saying at least 20% of wedding guests! All at once. Even ones running late.

Where is the bathroom!?

Listen here Aunt Sally, we are sending down the bride in 120 seconds. You coming back through the doors right before we send her so you don’t miss the big moment will completely throw off the flow for HER big reveal.

Our suggestions:
-Use the restroom before leaving for the church
-Arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony if you know you have to use the restroom more frequently than normal
-Hold it!

Just a little loving piece of behind-the-scenes advice so you, the bride, understand why there are so many people walking around! LOL