Thursday Hitched Tip :: Entourage Expectations

Side Note: This MOB was as sweet as pie and everyone adored her! Especially the Bride! Alicia Lacey Photography Oh, expectations. I feel like this is something that can be taken through every element of our life, defining and limiting expectations. But it is especially important when dealing ... [Read More]

Thursday Hitched Tip :: Budget Advice

Planning ahead when preparing your budget is one of our many jobs we take very seriously. It can make or break the final components of your wedding coming together. The final weeks leading up to your big day can come with some unforeseen issues that only the color green can fix! For those potential ... [Read More]

Thursday Hitched Tip :: How many square foot per guest

Have you ever been to a wedding and felt like they squished you in like sardines? Well...they probably did! It is hard finding your dream venue with your dream vision and fit all of your friends and family in the space perfectly! If you are still on the hunt for your perfect venue, or working on ... [Read More]

Hitched Travel Blog :: Arizona

Last summer, my husband and I did a coast-to-coast road trip. We blocked out two weeks in our schedule and planned each day on a whim, which totally goes against the planner in me! We piled in as many activities and sights as we could so it’s hard to pick a favorite spot. But, the beauty in Arizona ... [Read More]

Hitched Travel Blog :: Disney

As an early Christmas gift last year from my boyfriend’s parents, they had planned a short cruise to the Bahamas for the whole family right before Christmas. I then turned that cruise vacation into a “hey, umm babe… I booked us to go to Disney”. We both have been to Disney numerous times (I have ... [Read More]