Thursday Hitched Tip:: Pinning the Boutonnières

I have seen three nationally televised weddings where the boutonnières were on the WRONG SIDE! How is that even possible!? Didn’t they hire a professional? Are people really confused where the boutonnière goes? I’m going to break it down for you. 1. If you have never pinned a boutonnière, ... [Read More]

Thursday Hitched Tip :: Myth of a round guest table

Round tables. Used at almost every single wedding...ever. You have to seat your guests somewhere. And most locations have round tables, so why not. I have a love/hate relationship with these wedding necessities. I am here to break some myths for you! Birds of a Feather Photography Courtney ... [Read More]

Thursday Hitched Tip :: Our favorite type of intros

We are seeing a huge shift with introductions into wedding receptions. Less and less brides are introducing their squad individually. Let’s jump right into the pros and cons of a group introduction Pros: - saves about 20 minutes of line ups and name checks. - saves the headache of picking ... [Read More]

Pre-Wedding Skin Care :: How to obtain glowing skin

Everyone comes to me to get advice on the important elements of their wedding day. Location. Photographer. Caterer. But lately, I have been chatting with more and more beautiful ladies about their overall appearance. You invest in so many outside elements for your wedding day, but why not also ... [Read More]

Thursday Hitched Tip :: How to seal the deal with a kiss

We have seen our fair share of kissing in this industry. The most important one, of course, is after you say "I Do!" And after watching hundreds of couples go for the big smooch with hundreds of their friends and families watching, this is our advice to you: Do what feels right! Seriously, if ... [Read More]