Hitched Travel Blog:: Greece

If you have followed along the Hitched by Heather and Simply Hitched Instagram account for a while, you would have noticed that every member of our team has a very large travel bug! Collectively, we have toured the world and have taken some fabulous photos and must have tips for each location. We ... [Read More]

Thursday Hitched Tip:: Pinning the Boutonnières

I have seen three nationally televised weddings where the boutonnières were on the WRONG SIDE! How is that even possible!? Didn’t they hire a professional? Are people really confused where the boutonnière goes? I’m going to break it down for you. 1. If you have never pinned a boutonnière, ... [Read More]

Thursday Hitched Tip :: Myth of a round guest table

Round tables. Used at almost every single wedding...ever. You have to seat your guests somewhere. And most locations have round tables, so why not. I have a love/hate relationship with these wedding necessities. I am here to break some myths for you! Birds of a Feather Photography Courtney ... [Read More]

Thursday Hitched Tip :: Our favorite type of intros

We are seeing a huge shift with introductions into wedding receptions. Less and less brides are introducing their squad individually. Let’s jump right into the pros and cons of a group introduction Pros: - saves about 20 minutes of line ups and name checks. - saves the headache of picking ... [Read More]

Pre-Wedding Skin Care :: How to obtain glowing skin

Everyone comes to me to get advice on the important elements of their wedding day. Location. Photographer. Caterer. But lately, I have been chatting with more and more beautiful ladies about their overall appearance. You invest in so many outside elements for your wedding day, but why not also ... [Read More]