Confessions of a Wedding Planner :: When toilets run dry

Our wedding season is over, and the blogs are coming back. We like to take a time out on the website when Weddings are in full swing to give 100% to our brides. With two new babes added to the team and one on the way, things have been especially extra busy. But our favorite blog topics are back, starting with Confessions of a Wedding Planner! Things that have happened over the course of my career that people cannot believe happened!

Photo is just a pretty placemark. Has nothing to do with the story!

Many people don’t know this, but my first big break was the on site coordinator at Running Hare Vineyard. It was the first year they built their events building and needed help. I was charging $500 a wedding and trying to learn everything I could. Never would I expect that I would learn some of my biggest lessons learned during that year!

The main reason Running Hare started to have a single catering team on site is because of their terrible experiences with new caterers using their kitchen. One of the WORST experiences is when an inexperienced caterer drained the water tank by hand washing all of their dishes on site. Any veteran caterer will know to bring back dishes to wash. These bozos drained the very small water tank and the water ran out to the bathroom!! The toilets wouldn’t flush!

We found out from several guests all at once. I called the owner and she ran right over. This was the second Wedding in the new Beautiful building and she was in shock. None of us thought to ask the caterer about their water use until we heard a waiter brag that their workload tomorrow was cut in half!

My team had to stand at the bathrooms and ask the guests not to flush the toilet and throw their toilet paper in the trash can! How embarrassing! Like a fancy port o potty.

From here on out, I make sure to confirm with every caterer to NOT wash dishes if we are at a venue with a kitchen. It’s hard to keep the night running smoothly when you’re playing potty patrol!