Favorite Anniversary Gifts

In honor of my 8 year anniversary to the sweetest guy around, I have put together my list of favorite anniversary gifts that I would actually want to receive!!

1. A massage for two- at home!
I am all about getting pampered. I relax even more when I know my guy is able to take a time out as well. These days, we can barely ride in the car by ourselves without our little friend tagging along. I recently came across an incredible massage therapist that comes to your house for the same price you would pay to go to the spa!! Kate at The Spice Studio in Leonardtown will come to your house and give you and your spouse the most relaxing and soothing massage. I know from experience. I hired her this winter for the HBH team Christmas “pamper” party and we were all in heaven!

2. Printed photos
Taking photos is a part of our daily life. Printing photos is a part of our past. Which is so sad!! I love looking at memories as I walk through my house. Not only when I am scrolling through my phone. A canvas or framed 8×10, doesn’t matter. People appreciate photos you can see when your phone is off!

3. The Night Sky
I saw this online and thought…I don’t know about this. Then I took a leap and bought one for Mia and Jake for Christmas. I loved the way it turned out! They are so special and one of my favorite pieces in the house.

4. Sunglasses
This may sound a little weird, but I bought Jake a pair of sunglasses for our anniversary a couple years ago and he loved them! We got married mid-spring, so right before boating season. It only made sense to make sure he had a clean pair of glasses for the summer. A simple but thoughtful gift goes a long way.

5. Elastic rings
Jake is not a “ring guy.” He doesn’t like to wear them. Instead of having an epic battle every time he tries to sneak out without the big piece of metal on is hand, I bought him an Enso ring a couple years after we were married so there was no excuses! He can golf without anything “holding him down” now. LOL

6. Wine
I bought Jake a case of wine one year and it was a hit! I am all about a fancy bottle for celebrations, but we drink a glass of wine almost every night. I have purchased several cases of wine from wine insiders and have loved almost every bottle!!

7. Cooking class or Wine tasting
I always try to use our anniversary to re-connect with just the two of us. I love experiencing new things with my favorite guy. Wine tastings are a no brainer, but cooking classes are super fun too. Even for the guys who don’t know the difference between a mixing bowl and cereal bowl.

8. Concert tickets
They don’t have to be for the weekend of your anniversary, but concert tickets are one of my favorite gift ideas! It gives you something to look forward to and I love the excitement of gearing up for a night of music and fun with friends!!

No matter the gift, just be mindful of who you are buying for. I like my gifts to be practical, thoughtful and fabulous!