Hitched Travel Blog :: Disney

As an early Christmas gift last year from my boyfriend’s parents, they had planned a short cruise to the Bahamas for the whole family right before Christmas. I then turned that cruise vacation into a “hey, umm babe… I booked us to go to Disney”. We both have been to Disney numerous times (I have been to the one in Paris and California as well) but I’ve had the itch to go to Disney as an adult for a while. So, we went to the Happiest Place on Earth…as two adults.

Name: Audrey

Where you traveled: Disney World

When: Week before Christmas!

Where you stayed: I wish I would have stayed on the Disney Campus, but we ended up at a Hilton in Orlando (maybe, accidentally, right next to the outlets).

Favorite Part: Walking through and remembering your experiences as a kid! Then riding the rides, you were too scared to ride when you were young (rides hurt more when you’re an adult, FYI).

Best Food: Go get yourself a DOLE WHIP!! Top 5 on my favorite dessert list. Too bad you can only get it in Disney or Hawaii. We also ate a lot through Epcot, and I stopped in France for a glass of Veuve.
What you wish you knew before you went: Being a natural planner, I immediately downloaded all the apps and read all the blogs to figure out when to ride what, what easy passes to buy, etc. Mark has a rule where I am not allowed to write a super detailed itinerary when we vacation – he was finally right. Screw all blogs, algorithms, and apps. It changes so quickly, you just have to check once you get to the park where you should go first, second, third.

Attire: Mickey ears, duh! I also bought a shirt off of Etsy – “ get in loser, we’re going park hopping”. But seriously, wear shoes that are COMFORTABLE, it doesn’t matter about looks when you’re walking 8 miles a day and standing in line for over an hour.

Honeymoon Rating (From 1-10): 4 – My parents actually went to Disney World 32 years ago for their honeymoon! Not sure if this would be the best spot for a honeymoon for me, but I think it is worth going as an adult.
Romance: 3 – Some hand-holding around the park, and a few cute areas to sit and take it all in together!
Fun: 7 – from me. I LOVE Disney. It is so different as an adult! If you had to ask Mark, he was not a fan of most of it. He liked Epcot and some of Animal Kingdom, but the rest he wanted to be away from the kids and crowds.