Hitched Travel Blog :: Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, Capri

If you have been following along my account for any time, you know my obsession with Italy. Jake and I have traveled there every year for the past several years. We now have dear friends (family) we see and stay with and feel like locals! It also means that our “Italy” travel section of this blog will need to be in pieces since between myself and Lauren, we have traveled the entire country!

Where you traveled: Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, Capri

Naples: Feels like a city. So much to explore, eat and see in such a small area. Stayed here the longest out of the entire country.

Sorrento: Stayed here the shortest but LOVED every minute. The shopping, sites and overall feel were dreamy.

Amalfi: There is a reason this is such a sought after location, the views!!! They are in their own category. We drove the coast and stopped to have lunch and take in the views. But you can have a driver take you if you’re afraid of driving. Although we loved it because it gave you so much freedom. Just do a little research and you’re fine!

Capri: It lives up to it’s hype. Which means it was the biggest tourist area of this little section. Tourist prices and larger crowds. We went when it was cold out and had no lines anywhere. We saw everything in just a long afternoon. Downside, it was a little chilly. Up side: We didn’t feel rushed at all!

When: We have traveled there in the winter and early spring.

Where you stayed: Air B&Bs, Hotels, with friends (the best!!)

Favorite Part: The food rates number 1!!!I am gluten free and did not feel left out in the slightest with the pizza and pasta options! I also loved the history and people. Italy gets a bad rap with the gangs and violence. Have you ever been to DC or New York? I felt better walking the streets of Naples than I have DC or New York. And majority of my walking has been solo. Yes, I may look Italian and put on my “don’t mess with me face,” but I still don’t think that should be a reason not to visit! 🙂

Best Food: Pizza, Pasta, gelato, FISH!! They make the most incredible fish dishes!! And the Buffula Mozzerella!!! Don’t pass those up.

What you wish you knew before you went: The shopping is incredible. Bring more money if you want a to bring home real deal heirlooms! Each city has it’s own unique feel and vibe that you really need a few days to appreciate. Don’t be afraid to get lost and explore. Put the phones and maps down and just get a sense of where you are. In such an incredible and old world land.

Attire: I feel like Italy is the same exact temperature as Maryland through the year!! When we are warm, they are warm. When we are freezing our butts off, they are freezing their butts off!

Honeymoon Rating (From 1-10): 10. 10. 10. 10.
Romance: 10
Fun: 10
These are not exaggerated ratings. There is a reason we go ever year! No joke.

Also, taking it back to our photo shoot with the incredible Gianni Dinatale and our Italian Fam, Gisena and Raf. Fellow wedding planners who just happened to have babies days apart from each other!