Kelly and Jon are Getting Hitched!

I have been waiting for this wedding for what seems like a lifetime. This is the wedding I kept saying, “If I can make it past June 23 and not have the baby, I will be in good shape. Just get me past June 23.” Obviously, that didn’t happen. But precious Mia did do me the favor of coming 10 days earlier, and because of my natural birth, I can walk around for a bit on the actual wedding day and help make sure the vision comes to life. I am still having a few postpartum complications, but that is what a fabulous team is for!

The second I met Kelly and Jon, I knew they would be my perfect clients. The amount of trust they had in my design and opinions was a breath of fresh air! Even after I told them the possibility of me not making their wedding day because of the baby on board, her first words were “It’s OK, I trust you!” WHAT??!!! Dream bride. I think that has been my determination more than anything to make it to this amazing couples big day. The radiate love and sweetness.

Their big day will take place at Kirkland Manor in St. Michael’s Maryland. We absolutely love this site. The location, staff, preferred vendors. It has been a great wedding to be a part of and I will be sad to see this amazing couple leave our planning lives.

Congratulations, Kelly and Jon (& Charli). We know you guys will live happily ever after!

Costola Photography