Looking for our next HBH Intern!

Yes, it is true. Hitched by Heather is looking for an Intern. Interested? Awesome. Be sure to read the disclaimer below. ?

Hitched by Heather was established in 2013 with already 10 years of wedding planning experience. Well before becoming a wedding planner was just as easy as taking pretty pictures on social media and paying for a conference with lots of glitter and hugs. I believe in hard work and late nights. Passion will only take you so far. You need to have standards, respect and a true knowledge for this ever changing world. It is not just about pretty fabric and flower trends (even though this is a plus). Knowing how to properly work with clients, dealing with vendors and keeping very specific notes are all key elements in doing the job that many deem unnecessary until it is their turn to walk down the aisle and they don’t know the next step to take.

Our team needs a lady who has:
– Effectiveness and time awareness while researching unfamiliar topics
– A knowledge of how to utilize all social media platforms, including but not limited to; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
– Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
– Must be able to effectively work from home as well as on at site at the HBH office
– Can travel for meetings and events
– A positive and optimistic attitude
– An eye for design and fashion
– Ability to adapt well to change and thinking on your feet
– A team player that takes on any task with a smile

What you will take away:
– A potential job with the Hitched by Heather team
– How to build relationships and honing networking skills
– Learning the art of customer service
– Opportunity to work at high end and elaborate events
– The potential to learn how to run a successful wedding/organize and coordinate small and large events

Job Details:
– This will be a part-time job and you will be required to work events on the weekends
– There will be times when you will be required to send research, prep for events and attend meetings
– There will be a trial period of 3 events to make sure we are a great fit before officially bringing you on the team! Believe me when I say you’ll love our squad. We even love our past HBH planners and interns. We are a small but fierce loving family!

How to Apply:
Send your resume and cover letter to heather@hitchedbyheather.com

I post this in all of my job listings. This is not going to be your run of the mill desk job. There will be a lot of work, but even more excitement and fun. You will learn a lot and have great opportunity, but I don’t deal with nonsense. No excuses, no laziness, no whining that it’s a lot of work. You must keep a smile when things hit the fan and when vendors are losing their minds. Emotions must be left at the door when events are in full swing. There will be times that the stakes are high and the atmosphere is not rainbows and smiles that you thought was behind wedding planning. If you consider yourself a go-getter that doesn’t need a lot of instruction after knowing your job and have thick skin, then PLEASE send me your resume. Event planning is not for the weak. But it is for those who like to work hard and play even harder.