Month-Of Coordinator Package

If you are looking for a professional to take over the beautiful wedding you designed, tie up any loose ends and run the day perfectly, then this is the package for you! We will give you last minute advice and make sure you didn’t miss any key components in your wedding day journey.

* Two Consultations with Bride and Groom
* Preparation of Rehearsal and Wedding Day Itinerary
* Receive Deliveries and Greet Vendors
* Attendance and Direction at the Rehearsal (up to one hour)
* Oversee and Direct the Ceremony and Reception (9 hrs)
* Final Collection of Wedding Items at Rehearsal to be Set Up on the Wedding Day (e.g., Candles, Photographs, Guest Books, Wedding Favors, Toasting Glasses, Programs, Seating Cards, Table Numbers, etc.)
* Confirm Arrangements with Vendors
* Assist with Handling Flowers
* Correct Placement of Table Numbers, Place Cards, Programs, Wedding Favors, etc.
* Direct Wedding Party for Ceremony
* Ensure Photographer Captures your Preciously Discussed Photos
* Oversee Reception Area Set Up
* Handle any Current Vendor Issues
* Follow Previously Agreed Timeline
* Confirm all Vendors Receive Final Payments
* Coordinate the Collection of Gifts Received
* Ensure Transportation is Running on Time

*Any special deliveries done before or after by the planner are at an additional cost