Must haves for your bundle of joy

I know this is a wedding planning blog, but so many of our beautiful brides are becoming beautiful mommas! And with the arrival of our 3 incredible tiny additions in the last year, we have had quite the intro into mommy-hood. We have put together our baby MUST HAVES that keep is going through the long nights and under eye concealer packed mornings!
We know everyone has different tastes, wants and needs. So the three of us have put together our must have baby list for our babes first stages.

Lauren & Asher

Taking Cara Babies:
Because sleep. Also, I had no idea what the heck babies even do all day, so
this was so helpful in making me feel like I was establishing some sort of

Halo sleepsacks:
My girl Cara above recommends some sleep sacks in her tutorials, so I’m sure
they’re amazing, but I got a few of these at my baby shower so they were just
what I became used to. The velcro makes swaddling a breeze!

Sound machine:
So that baby doesn’t hear the dogs barking or the TV after he’s gone to sleep.
I personally sleep with a box fan every night and I can never sleep in hotels
because they’re just too quiet. After traveling with a baby and bringing this
sound machine along (because it’s super travel-friendly) it’s always going to
be packed in my suitcase from now on- for trips with or without baby.

This was just an ad that popped up on my social media one day, and I’ve become
obsessed! I should be a spokesperson for them because I tell everyone about it.
In addition to Taking Cara Babies, I attribute Asher’s good sleeping habits to
this thing. He kicks around in the tub and I swear it tires him out before
bedtime! I think you can start using it at 2 months old, which is perfect
because at that age babies can’t really sit up or play with toys in the tub
just yet so it gives them something to do during bath time! (Let me know if you
need a pic of Asher doing this, I have a million).

Boppy carrier:
I love this because it has an actual buckle, not just the material that ties
all around every which way. It’s stretchy cloth, super easy to put on, isn’t
just for the newborn stage, and is gender-neutral so dad can wear it too!

Lovevery play
 Back to not knowing what the heck babies even do all day,
this was so helpful! It came with a little booklet of activities to do with
baby on and off the play gym, and also grows with baby as it can turn into a
little tent as they get bigger!

subscription play kits
: The play gym led me to these. They’re
amazing! Having a 3 month old at Christmas meant that he wasn’t really excited
about presents just yet. My mother-in-law got us these, and they come every
other month for the first year of his life- the gift that keeps on giving! The
boxes contain toys that are appropriate to baby’s age and development at the
time they’re sent. Asher has loved all of the toys! They also come with the
booklets explaining how to play with each toy and how each toy is helping
baby’s development.

Lou Lou &
Company newborn essential bundles:
 The perfect going home outfit,
and perfect for newborn photos! They’re so soft, and the bottoms of the gowns
tie up which is super convenient for someone who still was getting the hang of
the whole diaper changing thing.

Hatch changing
 This changing table doubles as a scale! It comes with an
app for your phone that can record babies weight when they’re on it! It also
helps you keep track of how much baby is actually eating during a feeding,
which can be tricky for breastfed babes.

Jasmine & Penelope

Uppababy Vista: This stroller is amazing. All three of us have it and we are all obsessed! It doubles as a bassinet and can accommodate more than one child for those looking to add future babes to the family. I love taking walks with the bassinet on a nice day and the undercarriage is HUGE making it great for shopping!

Nuna Pipa Lite LX: I researched the heck out of car seats and settled on the Nuna because it was a) compatible with the Vista and the Jet lightweight stroller b) extremely light – one of the lightest on the markets and c) I’m obsessed with the dream drape! It’s super easy and lightweight to carry around and the dream drape lets baby sleep anywhere and everywhere without needing in an extra piece of fabric. Only downfall is it has to be installed with the base but the upside being the base makes it one of the safest models out there.

Tubby Todd & Chelsey Wang Bath Products: One of my girlfriends suggested these and I love them! Super gentle on baby’s skin and they smell great. They have so many different products too from bubble bath to everyday lotion. I also love Taking Cara Babies suggestion of Chelsey Wang products. I used the calming massage oil nightly to give baby P a massage before bedtime.

Owlet Smart Sock: If you’re anything like me, any noise my little makes, I obsess over. Before P, I would randomly wake up in the middle of the night to make sure my dog was breathing! The Owlet just provides that extra safety piece of mind and gives you awesome stats on how baby is doing and breathing throughout the night. It’s been a great addition to our sleep(less) nights!

Fawn Design Diaper Bag: It’s stylish, vegan leather, huge and has so much room for all the various baby items you need throughout the day. They have a ton of colors too and different styles!

Willow Pump: I just got the new Willow 2.0 pump and it’s sad to say how excited I am to break it out. I didn’t love the idea of having to take my shirt off at work when I go back and love that I can pump virtually anywhere with the Willow! On the way to work in the car, at my desk, pretty much wherever!

Heather & MIa

Lalabu Shirt
For the first 6 months of Mia’s life, she was in this shirt. No joke. Around
the house. To the store. On vacation. To the doctors. I was obsessed. It made the transition from not being able to get anything done to only feeling half impaired pretty great.

Spectra S-9 with Freemie Cups
We all use separate pumps that worked for us. I used the Spectra S9 (that my insurance covered), and the Freemie cups. 

Nipple covers
These were my LIFESAVERS. My breastfeeding journey was a little tough in the beginning and I knew that it could be difficult. The first time I got done breastfeeding Mia, I put these babies in my bra and my nipples were saved. I only used nipple cream one time and that was because I forgot to bring these on vacation.

Sunflower Lecithin- Another lifesaver. This was my antidote to clogged
milk ducts. I have had several on my journey and I now take this everyday. If I feel a clogged duct coming on, I take two pills every couple hours and it goes away. Haven’t had a bad one since I started to use.

Nest Cam- We travel a lot and it is almost impossible to know the range we will need from our monitors when staying in different houses. I have a monitor with a screen when we are at home. But the Nest cam is by far my favorite! I use my Ipad as the monitor when we are away and it works perfect. It is not something I want for everyday use, but on the go, it is perfect! They do recommend making sure you have the proper security settings or people could hack in. It is a simple youtube video find and fix.

Noodle & Boo- From skincare to laundry detergent, I love this company. I
have yet to find a company that smells or feels better and is this incredible on her skin.

Advent Glass,
Natural Nipple Bottles
– Mias stopped taking bottles at 6 months
(don’t ask me why), but the only bottle she would take for those 6 months were the Natural nipple Advent bottles. She loved them. And so did we. I really liked the glass (not a fan of the look and feed of plastic after so many washes), and liked that the nipples also helped prevent colic. She loved them…until she was done with bottles. Which was 16 months too soon for this mama.

This is probably the most important and life saving purchase on our early-on, baby journey. Mia had BAD GAS. It wasn’t my diet, it wasn’t forumla (she wasn’t on it anymore). Majority of babies have tummy problems from around 3 weeks to 20 weeks!! Colic is unexplained crying. Could be tummy problems, could just be new uncomfortable issues in their new life. But Gerber has invented this magic
probiotic to keep babes from crying. Try this soothe if your little one is
crying all day every day, and 4 days after, you will have a different baby