Pre-Wedding Skin Care :: How to obtain glowing skin

Everyone comes to me to get advice on the important elements of their wedding day. Location. Photographer. Caterer. But lately, I have been chatting with more and more beautiful ladies about their overall appearance. You invest in so many outside elements for your wedding day, but why not also invest in the ONE thing every single person will see up close and personal…YOUR FACE! If it’s needing a professional to help hide their acne scars, give you better brows or just an overall glow. So I went to the fabulous Jackie from Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa to give me tips on how to obtain the best skin for your wedding day, while she gave me a much needed facial, so I could see the results for myself! It has been about 5 days and my skin is still in the best shape in years. She also helped me with some postpartum issues I have been dealing with…but those are for the next blog post!

The facial she gave me was loaded with vitamins and peptides. My overall goal is to have healthy and glowing skin, while trying to work on natural issues, like wrinkles, age spots and new postpartum problems. She gave me a very light peel, that I think my skin has been craving and I didn’t even know it. I was so afraid when she told me about a peel for two reasons. 1. I am still breastfeeding and what you put on your skin can have effects to your supply and quality. 2. Have you seen Sex In The City where Samantha gets a peel and then looks like a bee keeper at a funeral at Carrie’s big book launch party??? If you are like me, make an appointment for a light peel right now! My skin was, and still is GLOWING. It does not effect your breastmilk or give you a face color that is only appropriate for Halloween!

She also used an ultrasound machine to really work in the vitamins and peptides she added to my facial. The ultrasound machine kind of “jiggles” the cells to let the serum work even deeper in the skin. I talked to her about some at home care I can do to help with all of my issues. I am purchasing a micro needling kit and am making an at home serum full of natural vitamins to keep this step as clean and cost effective as possible. I will report back!

But for now, here is Jackie’s 8 steps to prepare your skin and overall appearance for your wedding day. I am officially sharing her secrets with you!!

1. Jackie recommends a facial every 4-6 weeks leading up to your wedding. Your esthetician will suggest the best products for your skin type. Remember, products need time to actually sink into your skin and work their magic. Jackie recommends that you start your skin care journey a year before your wedding if possible. Can I tell you how many of my clients this would help with the stress factors as well!! If you are forced to stop and take some “me” time during this crazy journey of trying to please everyone else and keep your vision in mind, a facial may be just the medicine you need to keep your sanity! And your skin will thank you come wedding day!

2. If you intend to start waxing all of the important areas before your honeymoon, don’t start too close to the wedding. You need a few rounds before to see how your body will react to the wax, and the different areas you will be freshly yanking hair from. The sooner you start waxing, the better the results will be and more time you can go in-between each wax. You should schedule your brow wax 1 week before the wedding.

3. Diet. I am so happy that Jackie is pushing a healthy diet, because that is the ONE important factor that so many people skip, but still want that flawless look. She told me that your skin is the last organ of your body to get water!!! How is that possible? So if you don’t drink enough water, your skin will be dry. No wonder why so many people suffer from dry skin! That either means you are lacking water overall, or one of your organs is very thirsty and you need to double up.
Side note: When I had my facial, she said my skin was not very dry at all. I told her about my juicing journey and she said that is probably why! All of the yummy nutrients on top of my 3 quarts of water a day are helping keep my skin fresh and plump.

4. As you well know, stress is a HUGE factor in skin care. You get in a fight with your fiancé, a pimp pops up. Try to keep the stress at a minimum and get the right team for your day. Every single contract you sign needs to be with the right vendor that has your vision in mind. Not the vendor that you bridesmaids, sister used 3 years ok and was “really nice.” That really nice guy doesn’t care about your playlist and probably still uses CD’s.

5. Beauty sleep is huge! If you’re not getting sleep because of small things like a timeline, your eyes will be red with dark circles. They have concealer and coffee for that, but if you’re looking for a “natural” look on your wedding, that is not the way to obtain your goal.

6. Make up and Hair are a no brainer for getting your best look. From personal experience, make up goes on better and stays on longer when your skin is in the best possible condition. When you put time and invest in your skin, you can tell immediately.

7. Jackie is also a firm believer in body treatments. Why should your face reap all of the benefits? If you have break outs on your back, or dry and patchy skin, get a body wrap or massage to loosen up those muscles for after dance lessons!

8. Nails, even gel nails, should be done 1-2 days before your big day. I think everyone and their mother knows this step. It is sometimes the only step that my clients will actually adhere to. Yes, your nails are important, but I would say your face ranks a little higher on the list, right?

This is not the last you have heard from me on the beauty and skincare subject. Have questions you want me to ask the famous Jackie from Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa, let me know!!