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February 20- Lets Talk Live- WJLA
Last minute wedding upgrades

August 8- Lets Talk Live- WJLA
Children Etiquette for your Wedding
     Lets Talk Live- August 8- Children at wedding

May 24- Lets Talk Live- WJLA
What to do if it rains on your wedding day

Lets Talk Live- In the News- May 24

November 30- Lets Talk Live- WJLA
How to keep your guests warm at a winter wedding

Lets Talk Live- In the news- Nov 30


 April 16- Lets Talk Live- WJLA
Ways to Cut Your Budget in the Final Months of Planning

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August 3- WJLA- Lets Talk Live
What to do with your wedding dress after your “I Do’s”

WJLA Aug 3