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These fierce ladies are the Simply Hitched, wedding planner team. They swoop in 8 weeks before your big day so you can keep your sanity and continue to sip Champagne through the evening without a care. They work with couples from Southern Maryland, DC, Annapolis, Virginia and beyond. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.
 Lauren is always on top of her wedding planner game. She has an incredible eye for design and is constantly going over notes to make sure not a single detail of the day is missed. She has quite the talent for handling last minute changes and is always ensuring the dreams of her brides are achieved!

Loves: Hiking with my dog Otto, blueberry pie, wine, making lists, olive green
Dislikes: Paying for shipping, itchy sweaters, bad grammar, when a good book ends
Favorite moment in a wedding: The moments the bride and groom share when they think no one is paying attention
The type of coordinator you are: Calm, cool, and collected!




Jasmine’s attention to detail and organizational skills are something to be admired. She takes on a new wedding with excitement and is always eager to dive in to assist with even the smallest details. Her love for weddings and OCD for details are a powerful combination!

Loves: Cooking, anything gold, concerts, champagne
Dislikes: Doing dishes, overly sweet cocktails, odd numbers (don’t ask), Mondays
Favorite moment in a wedding: The bride and groom’s entrance as a married couple… and the pure happiness on their faces!
The type of coordinator you are: Laid back but in control, assertive, & ready to hustle!