Thursday Hitched Tip :: Entourage Expectations

Side Note: This MOB was as sweet as pie and everyone adored her! Especially the Bride!
Alicia Lacey Photography

Oh, expectations. I feel like this is something that can be taken through every element of our life, defining and limiting expectations. But it is especially important when dealing with such a high emotion day, like your wedding day.

I have seen/heard it all! Bridesmaids crying in the corner. Watching as brides loose it on poor, unsuspecting party attendants. Listen as the rest of the bridal party is dishing about what went down after rehearsal when the brawl of the century happened. ALL OF THIS is fixable. And easy to escape.

You have to completely define and limit all expectations of everyone in your wedding party! That includes family! You cannot expect the world of someone that has not delivered on that level before. And even if they have, were they delivered to YOUR expectations?

If you have dreamed that your mom is going to be the voice of reason for your wedding day, take all of the stress away, and whisper sweet words in your ear…you better think again! Not saying your mom is not capable of ALL Of those amazing things. But she is going through something incredible as well! She is about to give away her baby girl! She may love your soon to be hubs so much its like gaining a son, but you should still step back and give her ample room to fall, if in fact she does.

This advice also goes out to your ENTIRE bridal party. Starting from bachelorette planning. Let me give you a news flash, THERE WILL BE DRAMA. The room is too expensive, they are getting special treatment, she hooked up with the DJ and it’s my special day! These girls will NOT fall in line for your special day(s), and you have to be ok with that if you want to have a smooth sailing experience. Let things roll off your shoulder, as long as they are not too extreme.

Hmm..what do I mean by extreme. If someone is being unkind to you, your fiance or family, then you cannot stand for that. And it is OK to remove them from all party and wedding festivities. SO MANY times, I have seen as the bride is trying to get herself together because there is someone either attending the wedding or in the bridal party that she does not want there. Guess what, if you don’t want this person on the biggest day of your life, then you won’t want them over for dinner at your house! And that is the rule of thumb. Don’t invite them to your wedding if you wouldn’t invite to and pay for dinner! Because that is what you are doing! If you think it will divide the family or upset Aunt Sally, then it is time for a family “come to Jesus moment.” After that moment is gone, then leave it in the past and reset all expectations!

Bottom line, have limits and set expectations for every single person in your world during your wedding planning journey, and you will see as thing just go by a little bit easier!