Thursday Hitched Tip :: Favorite Beauty Finds

I have been sharing some favorite beauty secrets for years to different clients and friends and thought, why not share with my other “friends” online! I don’t think I am overly high maintenance with my beauty routine (although my husband would say differently), but I like products that do what they say they are going to do and work quickly. Recently, I like products that do not have harsh chemicals in them (more on that later). So a couple times I month, I am going to be sharing some of my favorite beauty finds that could help you along the way on your trip down the aisle!

1. Make up Eraser
This guy CHANGED how I clean my face. I absolutely HATED cleaning my face. Getting those dark circles from under my eyes took at least 3 minutes by itself. It was tortue. Until I found these beauties. With just WATER, you give a soft little wipe and there is NO MORE MAKE UP. I am not kidding. I have 5 on hand right now, just because I have been travelling so much and I can’t be without one, but 1 or 2 will do for when laundry time comes. Amazon even has sales on them sometimes. Toss out all of your non-working make up removing products and Thank me later! lol

2. Christophe Robin Pate Lavante Volumisante
For anyone who missed their big hair because they are breastfeeding and have lost it…or any of you normal people who just have naturally thin and flat hair, try this guy out! I received it in my new favorite monthly box, the Sephora Play Box, and fell in love at first wash!! My hair will stay full for several days in a row without needing any extra products. Highly recommend if you are having “hair plumping” issues

3. Burst electric toothbrush
For people who have sensitive teeth, or don’t have time to put on white strips consistently to get an actual result, I HIGHLY recommend getting the Burst Sonic Toothbrush. It is different from other electric toothbrushes because IT WHITENS YOUR TEETH. I have the most sensitive teeth and this has whitened my teeth in a couple weeks without the stinging pain I normally have. And I know it is working because in the beginning, I would feel little stings here and there, but nothing terrible. Now, they are more pearly white than ever. It also works for women who are pregnant or nursing and can’t use their normal white strips yet. ALSO, here is a coupon code for 40% off! TJKXXC

4. Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray
I am a little sad about my thick hair taking a hideous due to me breast feeding, so I have been on the prowl for products to get me back to the volume I know and love. Insert thickening spray. On day 3 or 4 after I wash my hair, I will spray some of this at my roots and I it helps get me an extra day or two. For normal people…it will help you on day 2 or 3. lol.

5. Eye Patches
I wasn’t an eye patch weirdo until after I had Mia. And I almost came to terms that dark circles and puffiness were going to be a part of my new world. Until I found the magic in eye patches. The effects don’t last forever, but they do last a day or two and it its worth the re-application for the chance of not looking like like a raccoon. These are for puffiness Dark Circles Vitamin C