Thursday Hitched Tip :: Myth of a round guest table

Round tables. Used at almost every single wedding…ever. You have to seat your guests somewhere. And most locations have round tables, so why not. I have a love/hate relationship with these wedding necessities. I am here to break some myths for you!

Birds of a Feather Photography
Courtney Inghram

1. I don’t want tall centerpieces because I want my guests to be able to chat across the table.
Debunk: The only way your guests would be able to have a conversation across a 72inch round table is if there was no music playing and everyone was talking very low. You can’t hear someone from that far away. So don’t worry about having Low centerpieces!! Get what you want!

2. We need more room, so I don’t want to mix table shapes.
Debunk: Round tables take up more space than rectangle tables. I promise. Do the floor plan. If you have a ton of space, then all rounds in your road. If you need to squeeze more people in a small space, bring in the rectangles.
Side note: rectangle tables allow people to talk to 5 people, instead of two! Not saying they are the only way to go, but they are on my regular design board!

3. Round centerpieces are cheaper
Debunk: Not necessarily! If you don’t want there to be a lot of empty space on a table, you need one heck of a large and gorgeous centerpiece to take up room.

No matter your choice in table shape, we are here to help you make it fabulous. But don’t let these false tales drive you in the wrong direction!!