Thursday Hitched Tip :: Our favorite type of intros

We are seeing a huge shift with introductions into wedding receptions. Less and less brides are introducing their squad individually. Let’s jump right into the pros and cons of a group introduction

– saves about 20 minutes of line ups and name checks.
– saves the headache of picking songs and who goes in with who.
– if you have a more reserved group, it saves anxiety of forcing your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be pretend besties as they are introduced to “back that thing up.”
– is a lot more fun to have your ladies and guys introduced as one big group
– no one, and I mean no one, will remember who is who, even after intros

– your team may have their set on an individual introduction, because they are fun and hilarious. In that case, do us all a favor and have one, then tape it!
– your mom may want a more traditional introduction into the reception

We have coordinated hundreds of introductions into wedding receptions, and they will forever be changing in personality. Pick the one that is right for YOU and the flow of your big day. We will help you with logistics!