Thursday Hitched Tip:: Pinning the Boutonnières

I have seen three nationally televised weddings where the boutonnières were on the WRONG SIDE! How is that even possible!? Didn’t they hire a professional? Are people really confused where the boutonnière goes? I’m going to break it down for you.

1. If you have never pinned a boutonnière, don’t let the wedding day be your debut.
2. It is your planners job to make sure the bloom is in the perfect position!
3. If you are wearing a tuxedo, you see that little button hole on the lapel with stitching, that’s there the flower goes!
4. The boutonnière always goes on the left side of the jacket.
5. If you can see a pin, it’s not pinned correctly!
6. Boutonnières belong on JACKETS. NOT on vests or shirts. You do not need a boutonnière if you do not have a jacket.