Thursday Hitched Tip :: What if you just need set up and break down?

We get numerous inquiries every year. More than what our team can handle. I would say about 25% of those are brides looking for the right team to “just” set up and break down their decor and rentals. We don’t do that, for several reasons I will explain. But…better than that, I will share with you how you can get around having to find someone to do all of that labor for you. Or scramble last minute to find the right team when you realize Aunt Sally really isn’t as capable as what she promised 8 months ago!

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We coordinate and plan weddings. We recommend and track vendors, find your perfect team, design every element and then analyze and confirm the details along the way. When we gather all of your vendors, we find the right team that will set up rentals, put out linens, place centerpieces, and then do the entire clean up, including sweeping & moping! It is included in the price of the vendors.

Now, I know what you are going to say! We are on a budget. The caterer we could afford doesn’t offer set up or break down. I absolutely understand. But you need to weigh your options. Do YOU want to be responsible for setting up and then cleaning up everything after your wedding? You may put a family member in charge, but at the end of the night, you (the signature on the contract) is actually responsible if everyone gets drunk and goes home. What price tag would you put on cleaning up trash in your wedding gown? I have heard the stories!!!

There are companies that will come to your site just to set up and break down, but their price starts around $1500! And goes up from there. So how much was that caterer per person that would take care of every single element. INCLUDING TRASH! That so many of our beautiful brides forget about. Who is going to bus the tables, and take the trash…and then take the bar trash (which is a separate type of trash than catering trash)!

So my advice to you is choose your vendors accordingly that will take you through the entirety of your wedding. Pick a caterer that is full service so you are not searching last minute for another perfect team to do what your current vendors are responsible for and you are already paying!