Thursday Hitched Tip :: When something goes wrong

Happy Thursday Morning!! I was recently asked about some quick issues that normally arise on wedding days and how to fix them. Well…that would be the longest blog post of all time. But what I will break down a couple that I see at almost every single wedding and how to handle them with poise and a smile. The ladder may take years of perfection.

Melissa Barrick Photography

1. Running late
Running late can happen for several reasons. Photos take too long. The bridal party takes too long getting ready. A vendor is running late. Parents forget which church to go to (Yes, this has happened before). Unfortunately, the only real way to make sure things are not running too far behind is to prep ahead of time. Give out timelines to family. Check, double check and triple check with vendors. And even then, wires can get crossed. Have a POC to confirm everything is flowing the way it should and take out any extra work for the vendors so they can do their job and not worry about anything else.

2. Not enough place settings
When Aunt Sally shows up unannounced with a date, don’t make an announcement about it. I would not tell ANYONE except for people that absolutely need to know. I don’t know what it is, but so many guests have radars on when things go wrong and then the focus quickly changes to “oh she looks so pretty,” to “can you believe she didn’t RSVP!” Tell the planner and they will handle it. If you don’t have a planner, tell the caterer (if they are full service). If they are not full service, you may have to bring in a family member to help find a seat and place setting.

3. My bridesmaids have a problem with…
You can put just about anything at the end of that sentence and I guarantee you I have heard it…I don’t think I have ever encountered a bridesmaids tribe with less than 3 people and have not had at least 2 divas!! If you are not going to have a planner, then you better make sure you have a bag of tricks to fix: stains, rips in the dress, a dress that doesn’t fit, thirst (that only alcohol can fix), blisters, make up fails, upset tummy…to name a few. It is as if they had no idea they were supposed to be a part of the biggest day of your life, found a dress the day before and showed up 30 minutes late. This is not ALL bridesmaids (I have loved so many), but the one you least expect will forget her purse and mind, and you better be prepared if you don’t want that bad ju-ju rubbing off on your big day!