Thursday Hitched Tip :: When to start working on your timeline

Our bread and butter.

The timeline. It is what we have taken years to master and make unique for each and every one of our clients. This is where you day forms and our first line of defense for a perfect day!

The number one question is WHEN do we start working on the timeline! Well, this living, breathing document starts when you answer a couple important questions.
1. When is your ceremony
2. Are you having a first look (for a more relaxed and enjoyable day with your guests, we recommend, YES!)

Once you have decided those two things, then everything else organically starts to form. We have taken over timelines as far out as two years and as late as 10 days. If you hire us as full service planners, your timeline starts to form the second you sign your contract with us. If you only use us for your month of coordination, then we will take over and groom our favorite document 8 weeks out.

If its 24 months or 2 weeks, we will make sure your timeline is in perfect condition on your big day! If you are flying solo, then I recommend you start to work on your timeline at the very beginning of your planning journey. It will take several rounds to find your perfect flow.

Happy Planning!!