Welcome to the team, Princess Mia!

If you haven’t noticed, our social media has been a little quite for the past 2 weeks. Yes, we are still in the middle of wedding season, but babies don’t care about that!

Heather gave birth to the incredibly adorable Mia Shea Miller on Wednesday, June 13 at 11:43pm. Almost 3 weeks ahead of schedule. As a planner, you can imagine the shock.

On Monday morning, I went to the doctor for my weekly check up. I was feeling a little off, but we just had a large wedding, followed by two meetings the following day, so it was nothing out of the ordinary to feel a little “off” after a long weekend. After taking my vitals with the nurse, I knew something was more than off. The doctor sent me straight to the hospital to be monitored for possible preeclampsia.

Within 30 minutes, the second doctor confirmed with more testing I developed preeclampsia and had to be induced right away to prevent my body from breaking down. Jake was working in Norfolk, VA and all of our bags were at home. But this chick didn’t freak. Know why? Because I TRUSTED my team. And everyone was on the mad dash to Annapolis where I was sitting in pure shock! Our team still had 3 Weddings to go…I couldn’t possibly be in Labor! 🙂

They induced me at 11am on Monday morning and little miss Mia didn’t make her debut until 11:43 on Wednesday night. This was after two failed epidurals and several baby heart beat scares. And for her grand finale, she decided to inhale meconium before coming out. But again, not to worry. Anne Arundel hospital has a NICU staff on site and they fixed her up in the same room in only a few minutes.

Her arrival was followed with countless happy tears and the most appreciative mom ever. My labor and delivery team that consisted of my bestie, hubby, mom and sisters, were phenomenal. The nurses and doctors were out of this world amazing. They didn’t rush to a C-section when I was rounding hour 24, or 48…or 58. Or when the baby was in expected distress. It took a lot of work and patience, but they got me to 10cm and a very safe and happy delivery.

There were more scary moments in those 5 days we spent in the hospital, especially after, but God prepared us for the journey. It took us almost 7 years to meet this amazing miracle and we had just enough stanima to get us through a few more deep breath moments.

We get to spend a liftime with this precious being and we Praise the Lord everyday.