Meet Heather

 Welcome! I’m Heather, the founder of this 16-year passion that all started in my grandmother’s wedding dress boutique at the age of four. Today, that passion has transformed into two companies and a seven-person dream team.

I have been in love with the man of my dreams for almost 20 years. The Lord has blessed us with the sweetest little girl, Mia, who swims like a minnow and tries to defy gravity on a daily basis. Our days are spent traveling the globe or boating on the water. My cocktail of choice is a tie between an Aperol spritz and a fresh bottle of champagne! My hidden talent is bustling a broken dress in two minutes flat.

To become a successful and trusted planner, I had to research every element of a wedding day. For years, I worked behind the scenes as an assistant to photographers, DJs, caterers and even wedding venues, all while being a part-time planner for my own clients. In 2006, I left my corporate job and set off to create a crew of fearless and fabulous ladies who could help me build a company that was not only trustworthy, but design-driven and personable. I have personally trained every lead on my team and shared the secrets I have learned that continue to set us apart in this industry.

My overall style is clean, classic, and timeless, with pops of bold elements. I live for those small details that will give your wedding day a high-end finish, leaving your guests feeling awe-inspired. I believe your day should be a reflection of you and your fiancé, not what everyone else sees on Pinterest. I work hard to pull out what makes you a couple and paint it all over your special day!

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